We got it wrong – Ace of Spades isn’t actually crap

Pic: Scott Beale, Flickr

Over recent years, we, like many other publications might have given the impression that we thought Ace of Spades champagne was a bit shit.

Headlines like ‘Armand de Bling-naff – is this the worst bottle ever?’, ‘Ace of Spews comes bottom in our tasting’ and ‘Why is this rapper trying to sell us all champagne anyway?’ probably gave the impression that we would rather buy 500 cans of Irn Bru than spend £250 on a bottle of Gold Brut.

Completely untrue

But in fact, following the brand’s purchase by Moet Hennessy we now realise that this is wholly and completely untrue.

We are happy to confirm that Armand de Brignac is a high quality luxury brand with a proud heritage stretching back almost 15 years with testimonials from respected palates such as Joanna Lumley, Ant and Dec and Lindsay Lohan.

Our research has confirmed that it is definitely made out of grapes grown in some nice parts of Champagne and the gold bottle is not only proudly aspirational, but also classy and subtle.

Not to mention great value.

Blanc de Meh

Furthermore, it makes absolute sense for Moet Hennessy to add some pizzazz to their otherwise lacklustre stable of champagnes, which is being dragged down by such boring names as Ruinart Blanc de Yawn, Krug Clos du Meh and Dom Whatever.

We would like to apologise for any misunderstanding, and make it clear that this apology is in NO WAY related to the vast wealth and influence of this marvellous brand’s new owners.

This is more clearly explained in our editorial comment piece, ‘Why Brilliant Brignac is a Five-star Addition for One of our Biggest Advertisers’.

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