‘Bartender receives useful advice from forum’ shock

'I can't believe it. I had to put my phone down and make some actual drinks...'

In an unprecedented move, members of Facebook group London Bartenders Association (LBA) yesterday responded to a post from a fellow bartender with concise and practical advice, and then moved on with their lives.

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes. Usually it’s wall-to-wall sarcasm, pointless meandering tangents, off-topic responses and gifs,’ assistant bar manager Martin Ezra told Fake-Booze.

‘Any useful replies are completely overpowered. Much like when Antica Formula is added to basically any other cocktail ingredient.’

What’s already being called ‘Earnest Response-gate’ began when Ezra posted a question about the correct ratio of ingredients in a Negroni.

‘I really thought it would start a flame war that could keep me busy for most of the early evening, but no one went for it,’ he told Fake-Booze. ‘It meant I had to put my phone down for a minute and make some actual drinks. Total bummer.’

The exact recipe for Ezra’s post is equal parts ‘innocuous’, ‘facile’ and ‘mischievous’, garnished with a twist of faux naivety.

‘It’s a question that anyone could craft at home,’ he said. ‘Technically, I guess you could increase the amount of mischief, but then is it really a question about a Negroni?’

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