Brewdog bosses deny only making 15 staff feel uncomfortable

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Brewdog has hit back at claims made in a recent BBC exposé about inappropriate behaviour by its senior management towards employees.

The Disclosure programme spoke to 15 disgruntled former workers at the brewery, who said they had been made to feel ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘powerless’ by top bosses.

‘This is an absolute fabrication,’ a spokesman told Fake Booze. ‘They creeped out way more people than that. What do they think our top guys are? Some kinds of woke lightweights?’

No sexism here

Brewdog also took issue with specific allegations about their attitude to women.

In the documentary, male employees said they used to warn female co-workers not to wear make-up in case it singled them out for special attention.

‘We can categorically deny this,’ said the spokesman. ‘We’re an equal opportunity employer, and very proud of the fact that we treat men and women equally appallingly.

‘Especially the pretty ones.’

Big improvements

The company said that going almost six whole months without a catastrophic PR disaster showed ‘just how seriously we’re taking this whole issue’.

‘To be honest, the opinions of those ex-employees aren’t really relevant any more,’ added a spokesman.

‘Things have very much changed for the better since their time here.

‘At least, they have for the people who left.’


As well as staff complaints, some beers have also come forward to accuse the company of creating an intimidating environment where ‘troublemakers’ were forced to take part in ridiculous and demeaning stunts in the name of PR.

‘It’s bad enough that they give us ridiculous names,’ said one beer who wanted only to be identified as Dead P*** Club. ‘But we did what they said in case they stuffed us in a squirrel or drove us through London in a tank.’

So macho

Sources within Brewdog contacted by Fake Booze are adamant that the brewer still has a ‘toxic’ working environment, but the company vehemently denied this.

‘It’s total balls,’ said a spokesperson. ‘Anyone who says we have an aggressive macho culture can either shut up and fuck off or front up and we’ll take it outside.’

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