‘Let’s Talk About Sekt’ awarded ‘icon’ status at MOBOs

Pic: David Burke, Creative Commons

The iconic 1990s hit ‘Let’s Talk About Sekt’ has been voted into the Hall of Fame at the Music of Boozy Origin Awards.

Originally performed and written by the Mainz-based duo Pop n Sugar the MOBO judges described the song as ‘iconic’, ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘frequently heavily discounted at Lidl’.

No more tabooze

‘The significance of this song was the way in which it took a frequently taboo subject – sekt – which is rarely spoken about in public – and tackled it head on,’ said chairman of the judges Toke N’fmale.

‘It said “this stuff’s going on, it’s perfectly natural, and we should discuss it like grown-ups.”’

The song urges listeners to talk about ‘all the good things and the bad things that may be’.

‘Which, since we’re talking about sekt,’ said N’Fmale, ‘basically means ‘bad things.’

Open attitude

The judging panel praised the song’s open minded attitude to diversity – ‘particularly to grape varieties where frankly anything goes.’

‘Sekt’ really captured the spirit of the moment,’ said music/drinks journalist, Melody Maker. ‘You could say it inspired an entire generation to start drinking cut-price tank-fermented sparklers.

‘In many ways, it is probably responsible for the whole Shit Pop phenomenon.’

Time and place

It is, admitted Ms Maker, easy to laugh at songs such as this now, with the benefit of 30 years of hindsight.

‘But you have to remember,’ she told Fake Booze, ‘that this is very much a product of a particular time and place.

‘Which is ironic since most sekt expresses sod all of either.’

The Music of Boozy Origin awards are aimed at celebrating musical excellence in the field of wine, spirits and beer, and have launched the careers of, among others, Missy Aligoté, Draminem and Oz Clarke.

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