London wine fair dates ‘to be available in real time’

real time delays
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Exhibitors and visitors to the London Wine Fair will soon be able to access the show’s dates in real time, thanks to a ground-breaking new ‘smart expo’ notification system.

Acts of Gott

The new system is similar to that used by trains and buses and its introduction is a recognition of the fact that the public needed to be kept informed of constantly changing timetables.

‘Obviously we do our best to ensure that the trade fair arrives on time,’ said Head of London Wine Fair, Inna Huffy. ‘But sometimes it can be delayed by factors out of our control.

‘Such as Acts of God, global pandemics or stupid bastards in Dusseldorf.’

Free time

Knowing exactly when London Wine could arrive at any given moment would, she said, allow guests and exhibitors to use their time more efficiently.

‘For instance, now everyone in the UK knows that May is free, they can do something more productive that month,’ she said.

‘Such as staying at home, not visiting Dusseldorf and not going to Prowein.’

No refund

Exhibitors for very late-running shows are usually entitled to a Delay Repay refund – though this isn’t the case for London Wine 2022, despite it taking place in June instead of the originally intended May.

‘Rather than it being one month late, we prefer to think of it as 2023 taking place 11 months early,’ said Huffy.

Thumbs up

The trade was quick to embrace the concept.

‘This is a brilliant idea,’ said Pricefixer supermarket’s head buyer, Hugh Jincentive.

‘Though it won’t make much difference to me since I’m not going.’

London bawling

The team at Prowein also welcomed the new real-time system, saying it would help avoid unnecessary clashes between competing trade shows in the future.

‘Rest assured,’ said Prowein’s CEO Vicius Klasch, ‘with this constantly updated information, from now on all our clashes will be fully intentional.’

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