‘Misogynist’ range actually a force for good say owners

stupid cow
Pic: Toms Baugis, flickr

A controversial new ‘disruptor brand company’ has issued a vigorous defence of its range, saying that, far from being retrograde and misogynist, they are, in fact, a force for good.

Incel sell-in

The Enfant Terrible Co presented its first wines to the market this week, and instantly faced a barrage of criticism on social media and press websites.

Critics said that the trio – Old Slag white, Stupid Cow red and the sparkling Ho-secco – were demeaning, inflammatory and ‘so misogynist they could have been created by an incel thinktank.’

‘These kind of products are an unpleasant echo of a time when women, particularly in the drinks world, were routinely ignored, patronised and abused,’ said Menna Twatz from the pressure group Women against Misogyny, Bias and Microaggression (WAMBAM).

‘But we will not allow these people to turn the clock back to 2019.’

Innocence – in a sense

However Enfant Terrible’s CEO Massey Vanus was unrepentant.

‘People are reading far too much into this,’ he told Fake Booze. ‘It’s all perfectly innocent, as you can see from the labels.

‘Old Slag is a homage to our tight knit mining communities; Stupid Cow [pictured] is designed to raise awareness of bovine illiteracy; and Ho-secco is about bringing an often-undervalued garden tool into the spotlight.’

Free publicity

Some commentators have said that the brand, which retails at the same price as bargain basement own-label offerings has ‘suicidally low’ margins.

Vanus, however, maintained that their business plan was perfectly viable because they ‘weren’t fussy about origin, flavour or fruit quality’ and had saved a fortune on launch marketing by ‘getting the entire world to talk about how sexist our range is for free.

‘Just like this.’

Range extension

The company’s next two releases will be a rosé called Buns Out – ‘aimed at promoting healthy eating’ and Big Tits – a pet nat that is ‘intended to shine a light on the very real issue of avian obesity’.

The new pair will be released either at the end of summer or ‘whenever anger on social media looks like it might be slowing down.’

‘We’re a disruptor brand,’ said Vanus. ‘Throughout my life I’ve always loved sticking it to the man.

‘And if that man happens to be a woman, then so much the better.’

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