New Haig Club ‘pushing the boundaries in spirit masking technology’

Haig Club has launched a new Mediterranean Orange whisky that it says ‘pushes the boundaries in spirit masking technology’.

The spirit has been blended with orange flavourings which, Diageo says, ‘have been almost 100% successful at eradicating any flavours of actual whisky.’

The only fruit

Whisky journalist Dave Brush described the drink as tasting of ‘Seville oranges, with marmalade, tangerine, orange peel, liqueur de mandarine, orange juice, satsuma and a subtle Cointreau-like finish.’

Diageo says that Haig’s personality still comes through ‘in the square bottle and the words ‘Haig Club’ on the label.’

Serve this way

Brand manager Cameron Bridge, said the drink was ‘Designed to appeal to a new generation of consumers. 

‘Specifically ones who don’t like whisky.’

The recommended serve is ‘with tonic over ice, stand around a bit imagining you’re a society sophisticate until you’ve been tagged on instagram, then tip it into the nearest pot plant.’

Though the company says it can also be served neat and tipped into a plant pot, or with lemonade. Then tipped into a plant pot.

He shoots he scores

Famous whisky blender, amateur footballer, and ink-pad clothes horse, David Beckham said the drink was ‘an exciting opportunity to leverage synergies, push the boundaries of dark spirits and recruit new consumer demographics to a respected centuries old brand.

‘Do I have to read this next bit as well?’

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