Vodka: an apology


Over the past few decades, you may have gained the mistaken impression from magazines and websites that vodka is all about neutrality and lack of identity, and tastes of more or less nothing.

Headlines such as ‘Vodka is a dead duck’; ‘Party spirit’s terminal hangover’ and ‘Please send something more interesting to our office next time’ may have inadvertently made you believe that this was a drink utterly lacking in creativity and character, and about as enthralling as listening to Andy Murray reading out the telephone directory.

It has now come to our attention, following a string of presentations from wealthy companies promoting their expensive, super-premium bottles, that this is wholly and completely untrue.

In fact, we now realise that vodka is a fascinating drink with a rich heritage, mountains of flavour and a uniquely distinctive character –  every bit as capable of expressing terroir and provenance as Grand Cru Burgundy.

We apologise for any confusion caused, and would like to reassure our readers that this apology is IN NO WAY related to the inflated value of the samples we have been sent, the attractiveness of the PRs who invited us on the Zoom presentations or the size of the owner’s potential marketing budget.

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