Diageo results shanty ‘The Walkerman’ – live and exclusive!

It's the Q1 results briefing that reset the template. Play along. Sing along. Go crazy. With big thanks to Lee Isaacs - aka Wineman147 for...

An urgent announcement from the Ministry of Brexit

With the people's republic of Brexitania having left the EU, the UK no longer has access to the full European alphabet and must now...

The Zoom Tasting – better than real people?

With its llama sanctuary and six types of river mud, the Chateau Parvenu Zoom tasting was, literally, flipping unforgettable...

The Sipping Forecast

The drinking outlook for the 3rd of Covidtober. Courtesy of Fake Booze radio.

Fake Booze calls Rishi with a plan that could transform Britain


The Batflu-Buster